Minecraft Live Announced For October 3

Minecraft Live officially kicks off on October 3. The livestream is running in place of Minecraft Festival, which was postponed due to COVID-19.

Minecraft‘s yearly convention has seen several iterations. What first started as an in-person meeting had become simply an online live stream over the last few years. 2020 was meant to be the first time the team held both an in-person event and a livestream for those that couldn’t attend. However, due to COVID-19, Mojang has postponed the in-person Minecraft Festival and will instead just run the livestream. Give the announcement a watch below.

It’s not all bad news for Minecraft fans. After all, you’ll still get the bulk of the content to play, even if you can’t meet up with some of your friends. The livestream will include some big announcements and news about updates coming down the pipeline. Plus, the team is holding a fan vote to decide the next mob. That last bit should be very interesting.

Fans will remember that 2019’s Minecon Live fans voted for the mountain biome to be added into the game. The team also dropped the massive Nether Update, which made some substantial changes to the biome. Mojang also gave us a date for the Minecraft Earth beta and revealed the opening cinematic for Minecraft Dungeons. I’d be surprised if we got a similar number of big announcements this year given COVID-19. However, it’s certainly worth paying attention if you’re a fan.

Minecraft Live hits on October 3. If you somehow haven’t played the game yet, it’s available just about everywhere. And with its Diablo-like spin-off Minecraft Dungeons, the AR-centric Minecraft Earth, and tons more, there are plenty of ways for you to hop in and play inside Mojang’s world.

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