Nihon Dakkan Project by DelightWorks Looks Like A Sakura Wars Thing

Just like Project Black, Nippon Dakkan by DelightWorks will be fully revealed on September 2, probably as a Sakura Wars game.

DelightWorks announced on August 27 a new iOS, Android game, which is currently only code named as project Nippon, Dakkan (Reclaim Japan). A short teaser was published, and is included further below. It’s not as obvious as with Project Black, but seeing what DelightWorks published so far, it’s likely that Nippon Dakkan is related to Sega’s Sakura Wars / Sakura Taisen franchise. For now, on its official site, the game’s actual name is hidden. It’ll launch in Fall 2020.

In the announcement tweet, DelightWork described the (possible Sakura Wars) RPG as a “Coming-of-age story about “incomplete” maidens, who never give up on their dreams and each have something they wish to reclaim. They fight to reclaim *** Japan.” The *** part being hidden.

The game will be fully revealed by DelightWorks on September 2. This is also when Sega will fully reveal Project Black with a livestream.

Nippon, Dakkan Teaser Trailer Reveal

Following the announcement, DelightWorks has these past few days revealed on Twitter short gameplay videos featuring female main characters appearing in the game. Note that the characters’ profiles on the official site are purposefully incomplete, and will stay so until the September 2 reveal. So we’ll translate the full profiles when we get them, in another article. We only included the characters’ names and their seiyuu below, along with the gameplay sequences:

Shino Sakura, voiced by Moeka Kishimoto:

Asebi Mikohama, voiced by Yuuko Natsuyoshi:

Fuuka Aoshima, voiced by Ayu Matsuura:

More characters were teased with silhouettes, we’ll get to them when the game is fully revealed. Their names and seiyuu are listed too: Mana Juujigai (voiced by Saki Minami), Tsutsuji Takasaki (Ai Yamaguchi), Benishi Hijikata (Reina Ueda), and Mitsuha Mogami (Karin Takahashi).

Judging from the currently purposefully incomplete story summary, Nippon Dakkan project is taking place in the 2000s, in the future of a certain world, most probably the Sakura Taisen world. While its hidden, we can also see the game uses a specific calendar, like Sakura Taisen. Moreover, Sega already teased more Sakura Wars to come. We’ll know for sure on September 2.

Lastly, DelightWorks announced Hololive VTuber Fubuki Shirakami will be the official ambassador of the project and will hold a live on her channel on September 2 at 1930 JST. Fubuki will be commenting on the reveal, meaning it’ll happen before that time.

Fubuki Shirakami is one of the most popular VTubers so this is definitely a move by DelightWorks (and maybe Sega) to make this (maybe new Sakura Wars) game popular with younger generations. DelightWorks has a reputation by itself too as the developer of FGO.

We’ll be covering the Nippon Dakkan reveal, the Fubuki Shirakami stream, and the Project Black stream, as I’ll try my best to activate Otoshigami Mode, so be sure to check DualShockers on September 2.

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