Ninja Officially Announces His Return to Twitch Streaming

Ninja has gone back to his purple roots.

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has officially announced that he is now back to streaming on the Amazon-owned streaming platform, Twitch. The announcement comes after his departure from Mixer earlier this year following that platform shutting down back in June.

Ninja, probably most noted for growing his brand through playing Epic Games’ Fortnite originally started seeing massive fame when he was streaming on Twitch. However, in August of last year, Ninja announced that he was leaving Twitch and would be streaming exclusively on Mixer, a rival streaming platform from Microsoft. Apparently, Twitch’s contract was one of the reasons for Ninja’s shift.

However, back in June, Mixer suddenly announced that it was shutting down, and instead a partnership with Facebook Gaming was announced. This saw a lot of Mixer-exclusive streamers having to find a new home, Ninja included. And in July, he started running some test streams on YouTube Gaming which gave the impression that he was going to be moving to that platform, but there was no word of an exclusive deal.

Now, in a tweet, as seen above, Ninja features in a video that starts with his Ninja brand before panning over to him. That’s shortly followed by the Twitch branding as well as some Ninja-exclusive sub emotes. Ninja has stated that his first stream back to the platform will be today at 2pm Central and every 30 minutes there will be 100 subs gifted to the viewers following in the chat.

Personally, this seems like a reasonable move. The shift to Mixer caused a bit of a situation between Twitch and Ninja when the company used his abandoned channel to promote other streamers, one of which turned out to be apparently promoting pornographic content. It seems as if things have been laid to rest, and Ninja’s Twitch channel is already racking up the follows, sitting at 15.1 million followers at the time of writing.

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