Octopath Traveler Prequel Gets New BGM Ahead of Release Date Trailer

After a long delay from 2019 to 2020, Square Enix will finally reveal the release date of the Octopath Traveler prequel, Tairiku no Hasha, on September 18.

On September 15, Square Enix announced Octopath Traveler Tairiku no Hasha will receive a new trailer and a release date on September 18:

Furthermore, the iOS, Android RPG now topped 500,000 per-registered accounts. To celebrate, a new video showcasing the BGM theme of “The Playwright” Arguste, one of the antagonists, was published. Yasunori Nishiki, who worked on the original game’s OST, is also handling the OST of Octopath Traveler Tairiku no Hasha.

You can find the BGM below alongside comments from Yasunori Nishiki:

Octopath Traveler Tairiku no Hasha New BGM 3

Yasunori Nishiki: “For the theme song of of “marvelous” Playwright Arguste, I tried imagining a theater which fell into madness. I hope you enjoy the dramatic orchestra and the cello solo. I particularly like the part at 1:12.”

Octopath Traveler Tairiku no Hasha, which can be translated to “Champions of the Continent”, was first announced in March 2019. Back then, Square Enix and Octopath developing studio Acquire mentioned this is the game to play as you wait for a new Octopath console entry, which is also in development. They stressed out how it’s an actual “single player RPG” despite being on mobile, with an actual ending, and how it takes around 60 hours to complete. Moreover, the game’s story takes place before the events of the first Octopath Traveler. We detailed the story here if you’re interested.

Initially supposed to release by the end of 2019, Tairiku no Hasha was later delayed to 2020. While the game was only announced in Japan, Square Enix also teased an English version.

With over 2 million copies shipped worldwide on Steam and Switch, Octopath Traveler is by far the biggest success of developing studio Acquire, who is used to much more niche games. Like the recent Japanese versions of Wizardry, or Jinrui no Minasama e, a yuri adventure game developed for Nippon Ichi Software in 2019. The studio is also working on Gladiux, a gladiator action game coming to PC.

Personally speaking, I believe Octopath Traveler on Switch started as a nice experience but ultimately left a lot to be desired. With an A Baoa Qu sized quality difference between some of the protagonists’ stories, and dungeons blander than unseasoned cooking by white people. The battle system was particularly nice though so I hope both the mobile game and the next console game will solve the original’s issues.

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