Phil Spencer Says Xbox Series X Price and Release Date Weren’t Supposed to be Revealed Until Next Week

Leaks forced the Xbox Series X and Series S to announce their price and launch dates a bit sooner than planned, but Spencer is still happy with the response.

It has been a pretty darn big week for the team at Xbox so far. At long last, the Xbox Series X has a release date and a price point, and the rumored Xbox Series S model was finally unveiled yesterday as well. While Microsoft has finally lifted the veil on all of this long-dormant information, it seems as though it wasn’t always in the cards to have revealed these details this week.

Phil Spencer, the Head of Xbox, took to Twitter today after the announcement of the Xbox Series X release date and price became official. Spencer thanks the community for its “support and encouragement” in responses to the recent announcements. He also then went on to say that even though this info is now public, it wasn’t always planned to go down this way.

“Great to see the reactions, really proud of how the team handled the unscripted announce (was supposed to be next week but oh well…).,” Spencer expressed of the quick turnaround Microsoft had to make after details of the Xbox Series S leaked late on Monday evening. Either way, Spencer ended his message by simply saying, “Can’t wait for launch.”

Even though all of the key pieces of information related to the Xbox Series X and Series S weren’t slated to go out until next week, I’m sure the general gaming community doesn’t mind at all that it came about a bit earlier. For weeks at this point, it seems as though we’ve all been eagerly waiting to learn when the next-gen consoles would be releasing and how much they would cost us. The fact that we finally gleaned this info from Xbox definitely isn’t a bad thing if you’re a consumer.

With Microsoft having now revealed the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S price and release date, PlayStation, the ball is in your court.

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