PlayStation Looks to Have a Secretive Panel Planned for PAX Online

Could this be the venue in which we finally hear more about the PS5?

Another week has come and gone and we still don’t know when Sony intends to release the PS5, or how much it will be charging for the platform. However, thanks to some new information that as noticed today, it seems like these revelatory answers could be finally coming to light next week.

Spotted by Push Square, Sony has a placeholder event scheduled to take place next week at PAX Online, but the details of the panel are still hidden right now. The event is set to occur on Friday, September 18 at 6:45pm EDT with it currently only being referred to as a “Sony Holder.”

Obviously, the fact that Sony is clearly keeping something under wraps here would make it easy to think that this mystery panel could be related to the PS5. That being said, whatever this panel might be almost certainly won’t be where the PS5’s price or release date itself will be unveiled. Why is that, you might ask? Well, the date and time in which this panel is taking place would make such a landmark announcement incredibly bizarre. Almost no major company in the world opts to do anything drastic on Friday afternoons right before the weekend arrives.

Still, with this in mind, perhaps this showing could be a sort of supplemental event for Sony that is meant to talk more about the PS5 in the aftermath of a reveal that could be made in relation to the next-gen console in the coming days. For that reason, maybe this is why the extended details of the panel itself haven’t been given just yet.

Regardless, whatever might be in store for this PAX Online showing, we surely should be hearing more from Sony soon regarding the PS5, especially now that Microsoft has shown its hand with the Xbox Series X. While I don’t have any insider information, next week feels like it could finally be the week in which the levee of withheld PS5 information finally breaks.

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