PlayStation Updates Social Channels to Now Prominently Feature PS5 Branding

The PS5 and some of its upcoming games are now taking center stage for PlayStation across a variety of different social platforms.

Sony has slowly been getting its ducks in a row for the past few weeks. After holding a new State of Play stream that primarily focused on PS4 and PS VR titles about a month back, the publisher has since gone on to make some other small moves that could hint that pre-orders for the PS5 are coming soon. Now, Sony has made yet another small move on some of its various channels which seems to indicate that the company is moving full speed ahead with its focus now on the next-gen console.

Spotted over on Reddit, within the past day, PlayStation seems to have changed the branding on nearly all of its social channels to now feature the PS5 and the console’s tagline, “Play has no limits.” The update was rolled out across Twitter, YouTube, and even the PlayStation Blog in the form of a new image that features not only the PS5, but also some upcoming games for the platform which include Horizon Forbidden WestDemon’s Souls, and Gran Turismo 7. This same picture is derived from a new trailer for the PS5 which Sony released yesterday.

PlayStation’s Official Channels are uploading their headers with this. from r/PS5

So what does this mean in the grand scheme of things? Well, probably not a lot, but it does continue to show that Sony’s focus is slowly turning entirely towards the PS5. This has been a strange console leap for PlayStation, and in the first half of the year, the publisher clearly put more attention on getting games such as The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima out the door rather than opting to talk too much about the PS5. However, with Sony now changing its branding across all major avenues, it looks as though we should be hearing a whole lot more from them very soon.

Until then, the PS5 itself is still set to launch at some point this holiday season and a yet-to-be-determined price point.

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