Project Black Adds More Girls, Hololive VTuber Ahead of Reveal

Sega is teasing more characters from Project Black, making it look more and more like Sakura Taisen, and added a VTuber to the mix.

On September 1, Sega revealed a new teaser key visual for Project Black, ahead of its reveal on September 2, which will probably unveil it as a Sakura Taisen project. The key visual features the three characters already revealed: Kurumi Saimei, Prana Tosei, and Meisa Akashi. Four more mysterious characters are also featured. Project Black looks more and more like a Sakura Taisen thing. Be sure to check out our previous coverage, which includes a music video, if you have no idea what I’m talking about.

Sega also anounced Houshou Marine, a VTuber made by Hololive, will be the “Official Supporter” of Project Black. On Twitter, Houshou Marine said she’s really happy about it, and praised the Kohei Tanaka song of the music video, along with the characters’ performance. She used the word “idol” to refer to the characters. Perhaps the members of Black are idols in the world of Sakura Taisen:

(Sakura Taisen) Project Black Official Supporter Houshou Marine

Nearly simultaneously with Sega announcing Project Black, DelightWorks recently announced a mobile RPG project code-named Nippon Dakkan, and it’s highly likely related to Sakura Wars as well. The official ambassador of Nippon Dakkan is Fubuki Shirakami, who is another Hololive VTuber, just like Houshou Marine. There are many other hints as well. We explained them here.

Both Project Black and Nippon Dakkan will be fully revealed on September 2 at 2000 JST (Click here for a time conversion table). The Project Black livestream is accessible here. We’ll learn the projects’ real names, the full profiles of the characters, and everything else. We’ll translate everything, as we meticulously covered every Sakura Taisen stream so far, so look forward to it.

Sakura Wars is currently available on PS4. Be sure to check out our review. If haven’t tried out the game yet, you can grab it on Amazon to support us.

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