PS4 Owners of Control Are Accidentally Upgraded to Then Lose Ultimate Edition

Access to Control: Ultimate Edition would let owners upgrade to the game’s next-gen version for free

Control publisher 505 announced at the end of August that current owners of the base version of the game wouldn’t be getting a free upgrade to its next-gen iteration, Control: Ultimate Edition. Instead, they’ll have to shell out more cash to play a game they already own on new hardware. It should be noted that all versions of Control will be backward compatible on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but won’t take full advantage of the new systems’ hardware.

A blog post explaining why an owner of the base version of the game wouldn’t be able to upgrade to the game’s next-gen version for no cost was also published last month. In it, publisher 505 explains that owning the base game of Control and its Season Pass isn’t the same as owning the game’s Ultimate Edition, which includes the same content but in one package. Thus, an upgrade path for owners of the prior simply won’t be possible as “The upgrade path that we are offering is only possible when upgrading from the same version of the game.” Since the base version of Control won’t be on next-gen consoles, those players are out of luck.

Although now it seems that isn’t entirely true. A thread on Resetera yesterday details the experiences of multiple owners of Control‘s Deluxe Edition – which also won’t be present on next-gen consoles – who found that their version of the game had been upgraded to Control: Ultimate Edition. This only happened to PS4 owners of the game, and only in certain regions. When visiting the PS Store page for Control: Ultimate Edition, these players found that instead of being prompted to add the game to a digital shopping cart, they could download it right away. Control‘s Digital Deluxe edition had also seemingly been removed.

This was apparently a mistake, as players that had downloaded Control: Ultimate Edition in this way soon lost access to it. However, this mistake flies in the face of what 505 has said regarding upgrades for owners of the game on current-gen consoles. An already angered fan base for the game now has more reasons to be legitimately upset with 505 and developer Remedy, as it seems clear that the deluxe version of Control and its Ultimate Edition are the same product but with different names.

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