Spellbreak Reached Over 2 Million Players in Less Than a Week

Spellbreak is yet another creative Battle-Royale hit that represents an eye-catching performance in its first week of launch.

Proletariat’s latest multiplayer Battle-Royale hit surpassed two million players only five days after its launch across current-gen consoles and PC. Spellbreak just seems to become another popular free-to-play Battle-Royale title in the past few years.

Spellbreak is a new free-to-play Battle-Royale game available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC as of September 3rd. The game has managed to gather over 2 million players around in just 5 days, which is an outstanding record for the developers. The game has also experienced a successful launch on Twitch by being watched for over 1.7 million hours.

Featuring the basic rules of a Battle-Royale, in Spellbreak you will get to choose your character’s class first, then start a huge open-world battle against the other players. Obviously, the last man standing will be the winner of the match. However, the main difference between Spellbreak and the other Battle-Royale titles is about weapons.

Playing as a battlemage, your main weapon in Spellbreak is to use your primary magical powers and cast some deadly spells against opponent battlemages. Frostborn, Conduit, Pyromancer, Toxicologist, Stoneshaper, and Tempest are the six available character classes in the game, each one featuring distinct skills and delivering a different way of combat.

Playable in both solo and squad modes, the game offers a cross-platform and cross-progression multiplayer experience, allowing you to play with your friends regardless of the platform differences.

Spellbreak is set in an open-world realm called Primdal. Currently, only a part of this world is playable which is called Hollow Lands. The developers have promised to evolve the world of the game with each new content update and bring a bigger and more diverse realm for the players. Besides, planned updates will be bringing some new game modes aside from Battle-Royale.

You can get Spellbreak for free now on any current-gen platform you have. The game doesn’t need a PS Plus subscription on PS4. The PC version is only available through Epic Games Store.

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