Spelunky 2 Heads to PC via Steam at the End of September

Despite releasing a few weeks after its PS4 counterpart, Spelunky 2 will still be hitting PC before the month’s end.

A few weeks back, Mossmouth finally announced in the most recent edition of PlayStation’s State of Play that it would be releasing Spelunky 2 on PS4 on September 15. Despite the release date announcement for Sony’s platform, however, PC users will still left in the dark as to when the roguelike would head their way. Well, now that wondering has ceased.

Spelunky 2 developer Derek Yu took to Twitter today and announced the launch date for the game on PC. It will be launching via Steam near the very end of the month and will drop on Tuesday, September 29. Furthermore, those who are looking to pick Spelunky 2 up on release can add it to their wishlist right now.

While it’s a few weeks after the PS4 iteration of the game, it’s very good to see that Mossmouth was able to stagger our both versions of Spelunky 2 so close to one another. Personally, I’m just torn on what platform to play it on. As someone who primarily played the first entry on PS Vita (RIP) quite a bit, I’m naturally leaning towards PS4. That said, I really do wish the sequel was still coming to Vita. Oh well, it had a good run.

Stay tuned for more on Spelunky 2 from us here at DualShockers over the coming weeks. We should hopefully be able to share a review with you in addition to some other forms of coverage as its release nears.

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