Switch Digital Pre-orders Can Now Be Canceled 7 Days Before Release

Nintendo will now allow you to cancel the pre-orders of digital Switch games up to seven days before the game’s release date.

On September 1, Nintendo published a new tweet stating the process of Switch Digital Pre-orders has been updated in Japan.

The page in question mentions a few things:

Usually, when you pre-order a digital game on Nintendo Switch Eshop. It’s done, you get charged, you can’t cancel anything. Starting now, when you pre-order a digital game, you will get charged 7 days before that game’s release. And you’ll be able to cancel your pre-order anytime before reaching the Dawn of the Seventh Day when 168 hours remain.

Switch Digital Pre-orders Nintendo drawing explanation

The FAQ further notes that certain games’ pre-orders will not be cancellable. If the game’s pre-order can be canceled, the game’s page will have a “reserve” button to click for pre-order. If it isn’t, the button will state “Buy” instead.

Lastly, preorders of games you made before September 1 cannot be canceled. In other words, this new Switch Digital Pre-orders policy isn’t retroactive.

This is pretty nice and will make things easier for customers. However, note that as I’m writing this, the UK Nintendo eShop Pre-Order FAQ for example, hasn’t been updated with the same conditions yet, so technically for now this is only for Japan. We’ll update this article when most probably later today, Nintendo announces the change worldwide.

Nintendo is reportedly planning to launch a new Nintendo Switch model in 2021 along with major new game releases. This will supposedly explain why the cards game company has been overall pretty quiet in 2020. Some are eagerly waiting for a new Nintendo Direct. Which, personally speaking, might happen soon seeing there’s been one every September since at least 2016. For now, 2020 still saw pretty cool Switch releases when it comes to third party, at least in Japan. Most notably Persona 5 Scramble and Gnosia. We got some awesome remakes like Trials of Mana remake and ports of JP exclusive games like Moon. Some big releases are still on the way too such as Rune Factory 5 and Gerokasu. It’s been a really good year for the Switch in my Unneeded Opinion.

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