Tetsuya Nomura Might Be Teasing More Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] is currently celebrating its 5th anniversary and Tetsuya Nomura published a message for the occasion on Twitter.

Square Enix and Tetsura Nomura are currently celebrating the 5th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]. For the occasion, a new message from Tetsuya Nomura was again published, again on a very hard to read Twitter image instead of simply writing the message via tweets or a page on the official site.

In the message, Kingdom Hearts Director Tetsuya Nomura looks back on Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] and the recent release of its counterpart Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. At the end, Nomura mentions the release of Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory on November 11 (in Japan), and teases that if possible, he’d like to prepare something to celebrate and show us for around that time, and to look forward to it.

Seeing this is a message tied with Union χ, Tetsuya Nomura is most probably teasing some kind of Union χ ingame event themed around Melody of Memory. Maybe a broader announcement concerning KH as a whole could happen in November though.

Note that an officially translated version of the message will probably be published. If so, we’ll update this article with it.

The Kingdom Hearts video which revealed Melody of Memory also teased 2 more projects to come, perhaps we’ll hear more on that from Tetsuya Nomura in November. Either way, if Melody of Memory includes some kind of secret movie, we’ll learn more on future projects with its release too.

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory will be launching on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One worldwide on November 13. It’s also the very first KH Switch game. You can preorder it via Amazon to support DualShockers

The special illustration for the 5th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts Union χ can be found in full size below.

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