The Xbox Series S Design and Price Have Leaked

The Xbox Series S design and price have been leaked. According to a report from Brad Sams, the console will feature a design similar to the Xbox One S and will not have a disc drive.

The Xbox Series S is by far the worst-kept secret about Microsoft’s plans for this holiday, let alone video games in 2020. From references to its existence in code for various Windows and Xbox software, to retail units referencing it in their packaging to industry insiders and reporters talking about the console, it’s been seen as a given that it would provide a cheaper alternative to the superpowered behemoths launching this fall.

Originally spotted by Brad Sams at Thurott, an image likely taken from a promotional video made to announce the features a white console that resembles the shape of the Xbox One S and Xbox One X models and the size of the Xbox Series X. Based on the image, the console doesn’t appear to feature a disc drive. On top of the seemingly missing disc drive, the Xbox Series S also features a fan located in the same spot as the current Xbox consoles that’s shaped like the fan on top of the Series X. The image also says that the suggested retail price for the console will be $299.

Following the initial report, multiple industry analysts, reporters and insiders have taken to Twitter to confirm the leak’s credibility, including confirmation that the design is real and that the Series S won’t feature a disc drive.

Following confirmation from multiple sources across the board, another video of the device has seemingly hit Twitter.

It’s been known for a long time that if the Series S did exist that it would be a far cheaper alternative to the presumably-hundreds-of-dollars more expensive Xbox Series X. What’s interesting is just how cheap the device really is. While Sony has a version of the PS5 that also doesn’t have a disc drive, it’s not likely to be as cheap as the Series S seems to be.

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