Umineko PS4 Switch Launches January 2021, Includes Golden Phantasia

The ultimate GOAT Umineko for PS4 and Switch is coming on January 28, 2021 in Japan.

The PS4, Switch version of Umineko Saku will be launching on January 28, 2021 in Japan. Technically, Entergram is scheduled to make that announcement tomorrow on September 3. After revealing the release date of Gerokasu, the studio said news on Umineko was coming that day,  However, the seacat is out of the bag as Amazon and Rakuten started listing the game with its release date as soon as clocks hit midnight in Japan.

First print copies of Umineko PS4, Switch, will include a DLC code for Umineko Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross (Umineko Golden Fantasia), the 2D fighting game of the series, available on Steam in English. Through this bonus, it’ll be available on PS4 and Switch for the first time.

A limited edition is up for preorder too. It features a different cover artwork with all the witches: Beatrice, Eva Beatrice, Ange Beatrice, Maria, Virgilia, Lambdadelta, and Bernkastel:

We should learn more with the official announcement per Entergram tomorrow. It’s likely a new trailer will be coming too. A lot of new screenshots from the retailer listings are included below.

Umineko Saku PS4 Switch opening

The opening song is Kasaneawase no Nekobako. Chiyomaru Shikura is the composer, Sasaki Rico the singer.

Umineko is the second entry in the When They Cry franchise by 07th Expansion and Ryukishi07. Initially, it’s about the wealthy Ushiromiya family stuck on its private island during a typhoon, with mysterious and gruesome murders happening. The protagonist, Battler Ushiromiya, meets a witch named Beatrice, who claims she’s the culprit and killed everyone using magic. Battler doesn’t believe in magic, so Beatrice puts him in a timeloop, where the murders keep happening differently, with Battler trying to explain them with rational tricks in heated debate battles.

That’s the initial story pitch. However, Umineko evolves into a masterpiece as it goes on, with ton of well-written characters, stories, and elements I won’t be spoiling. It also includes maybe the best soundtrack ever since Streets of Rage 2. The series was first released on PC at the Comiket events between August 2007 and December 2010, spanning 8 games, 8 Episodes in total. All of Umineko is available in English on Steam, but without voice-acting.

The PS4, Switch version of Umineko is officially titled: Umineko no Naku Koro ni Saku: Nekobako to Musou no Koukyoukyoku (Umineko When They Cry Symphony of Catbox and Dreams). It’s based on the PS3 ports of the series by Alchemist, reusing its voice acting and assets, and also includes the new elements from Umineko Saku released in October 2019 on PC. These will be voiced for the first time. We’ll get to see new character Peace in HD.

All of this might sound complicated, but I’m sure you already knew all that anyway if you clicked on this article in the first place and read this far.

The brand new entry in the When They Cry series, Ciconia, debuted in October 2019. The first Ciconia game is available on Steam. Ciconia is scheduled to be four games in total, and the second one should release sometime in late 2020.

Last but not least, Higurashi, the first When They Cry series, is getting a new RPG and anime series.

We’ll update this story when Entergram makes its official announcement.

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