Uncharted Movie Production is Going “So Well” According to Tom Holland

Uncharted is “everything I ever dreamed it would be” says the movie’s own Nathan Drake, Tom Holland.

Despite having been affected slightly by the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year, filming of the Uncharted movie is currently happening, and according to the film’s leading star, Tom Holland, the production has been great so far.

In a recent Instagram live video, Holland took some time to interact with fans to kill some time. One fan ended up asking Holland about how the filming for Uncharted was going and the actor who plays the role of Nathan Drake had nothing but praises to lavish upon it.

“Filming is going so well. It is going so well,” Holland said excitedly. “The film is like everything I ever dreamed it would be.” Holland didn’t go on to say anything else specifically about the production, but he did say that as someone who is a major fan of the video games that the film is based on, he’s quite pleased with how it has turned out.

You can check out the clip where Holland talks about Uncharted from the Instagram video below around the 1:15 minute mark:

At this point in time, it would seem as though the filming of Uncharted has to be near its final stages as shooting began all the way back in July. As such, with footage now actually in the chamber, it would stand to reason that we could see an initial trailer of some sort within the next few months, which is something that hasn’t come about as of this writing.

Currently slated to release in March of 2021, Uncharted was pushed back to July 16 of next year in light of the pandemic. Hopefully, if the world is back to normal by this time next year, we’ll all be able to visit the theater and see if Uncharted panned out as well as Holland has currently indicated that it has.

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