Uncharted’s Nathan Drake and The Last of Us’ Joel Fused Together Makes for One Handsome Dude

Have you ever tossed and turned at night wondering what Joel and Nathan Drake would look like if they had a kid? Well, here’s your answer.

There’s no denying that Uncharted and The Last of Us are two of PlayStation’s most popular first-party franchises. Not only are the games in each series loved for their narratives and gameplay stylings, but each also features some of the more beloved characters in PlayStation history, most notably, with Nathan Drake and Joel Miller being the standout protagonists of each property. That being said, have you ever wondered what these two iconic characters would look like when mashed together? Well, wonder no longer.

Over on Reddit, u/Anthrophantasma shared an image of what Drake and Joel look like when combined, and the mix makes for one dashing fella. Thanks to the FaceApp, the user was able to smash together Drake’s look from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End with Joel’s model from The Last of Us Part II. The resulting character is one that featured Drake’s strong jawline, but had the gruffness of Joel from the recently-released sequel.

You can check out the full mash-up in the original post here:

[Image] Fusion of Nathan and Joel faces from r/PS4

In all honesty, this combo really makes me just saddened that we never saw Nathan Drake grow a beard in any of the Uncharted games. This model really makes me think he’d look ten times better with one. Then again, when they make the gritty reboot of Uncharted in 10 years on the PlayStation 6, maybe they can bring Drake back with a full beard — that’s basically what PlayStation did with Kratos, after all.

Anyway, you can now do whatever you want with this newfound information. Print an image out of Joel Drake and hang it on your wall, create a 3D character model of it, or just stare deeply into his eyes and wonder about what he’s thinking about.

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