Undertale Creator Toby Fox Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary with Concert Stream

Undertale’s 5th anniversary is being celebrated through a free concert stream and new merch.

Undertale took the world by storm when it first hit Steam back in 2015 with its colorful cast of monochrome characters, its heartwarming or heartwrenching story (depending on how you played), and its exceptional music that’s played on repeat inside fan’s heads. If you’re looking to experience that music once more outside of the official Undertale Spotify playlist, then look no further: Toby Fox announced today on Twitter that there will be a free stream of an orchestral concert playing the music of Undertale.

The stream is taking place on September 15, 7 PM PDT (10 PM EST) and will be performed by MUSIC Engine. The footage used in the stream will be from MUSIC Engine’s “7th Concert” from May 2019 at Tokyo’s Suntory Hall. The stream can be viewed on the official Undertale YouTube channel or on its website. You can also receive a notification email reminder one hour before the concert starts through the Undertale website.

The concert announcement was one of two that Toby Fox made on Twitter today. Fox announced that new Undertale merch was going to be shown off during the stream featuring a t-shirt that he designed. He posted the back of the t-shirt on his twitter to give fans a small taste for what the full thing might look like. Based on an image on the front page of the Undertale website, it looks like there will be a t-shirt, a hoodie, vinyl records, pins, and more announced. Proceeds for the merch will be going to help the United Way COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund.

For more things on Undertale‘s 5th anniversary make sure to check out this article on the upcoming 16-page feature in Japanese magazine Famitsu right here on DualShockers. If you haven’t picked up a physical copy of Undertale yet, you can grab it on Switch from Amazon right here.

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