Xbox Live May Soon Let You Play Free Games Online Without Subscription

According to Jeff Grubb, Microsoft has probably just delayed its new plans for Xbox Live Gold rather than dropping them.

Although Xbox has officially declined the removal of Xbox Live Gold recently, there might still be a chance to see the service going away in the future, at least for free multiplayer games.

A few months earlier, some rumors, originated from GamesBeat’s editor-in-chief Jeff Grubb, surfaced on the internet suggesting that Microsoft might have some plans for putting Xbox Live Gold aside, regarding the removal of the service’s yearly subscription from Microsoft Store. Later on, Xbox officially reacted to the rumors, revealing that they wouldn’t remove the service even not for free multiplayer games.

With that official rejection from Microsoft, everything seemed fake at the time, but recently, Jeff Grubb has teased something about Xbox Live again. He has claimed that similar to Microsoft’s event for unveiling Xbox Series S, the plans for removing Xbox Live Gold from free titles have just been delayed, not canceled.

It’s been years since PlayStation decided not to charge players for PS Plus subscription in free multiplayer games and that’s surely a selling point for PS4. Imagine a gamer who only plays titles such as Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite when it comes to multiplayer games. Well, he would surely love to play them totally free rather than paying $9.99 a month for being able to play “Free” games.

Microsoft has always known for its well-treating policy with players and this particular matter with Xbox Live Gold subscription on free games might be subject to change in the future. At least it would help them to have a more close competition with their best rival.

The next generation for Xbox fans will begin in November 2020 with both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S hitting the market. Microsoft’s biggest launch-title, Halo Infinite, has been delayed to the next year, but they still have some interesting games to launch along with the new consoles.

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