Xbox Series S Reveal Trailer Leaked, Ray-Tracing Support Confirmed

With Microsoft officially announcing Xbox Series S earlier today, now you can have a look at its leaked announcement trailer providing more details.

Xbox Series S is the cheaper model for Microsoft’s next-gen beast, Xbox Series X, which is set to be launched in November this year, priced at $299. The new leaked video from the consoles reveal-trailer provides more details on its hardware specs.

According to the trailer, Xbox Series S will support true 2K resolution at 120 FPS, but it will also be able to upscale to 4K resolution if you want you would want to use 4K screens. The console will feature 512 GB of custom NVMe SSD, which is nearly 300 GB less than that of PS5. Some of the key features in Series X such as seamless switch between games, ray-tracing support, variable rate shading, variable refresh rate, ultra-low latency, and 4K streaming media playback will also be available in Series S. Moreover, Series S will be an all-digital console with no disc drive.

Xbox Lockhart was probably Microsoft’s worst-kept secret over the last few years. Since the time the company announced its next-gen hardware as Project Scarlett, there were lots of rumors suggesting the existence of two different next-gen consoles with differences similar to Xbox One X and Xbox One S.

That being said, Microsoft revealed Xbox Series X later in 2019, but there was no news about a cheaper version of the console. At some points, people assumed that Microsoft might have dropped its initial plan, but then the new leaks about Series S surfaced. Recently, Series S has been officially referenced on the package for Xbox’s next-gen controllers.

According to some new leaks and rumors, Xbox Series X and Series S will both be available on November 6. Xbox Series X will reportedly cost $499, which seems reasonable regarding its powerful hardware compared to Series S.

With Xbox revealing the price for one of its next-gen consoles, Sony might also attempt to unveil the price for PS5 soon.

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