Xbox Series S Won’t Feature 4K Enhancements for Backwards Compatible Titles

Xbox One X enhancements for backward compatible games will not be present on the Xbox Series S because it is not a 4K console.

Following the long-awaited announcement of the Xbox Series S we have continued to learn more information about Microsoft’s budget-friendly console. The Series S will have the ability to play games at a 1440p resolution at 60 frames per second with the ability to upscale to 4K resolution and 120 fps. However, with not have the capability of having true 4K graphics the Series S will not have the upgrades that Xbox One X owners have when playing certain backward compatible titles.

When it came to backward compatible games this generation, Xbox had a team that would develop “Xbox One X enhancements” bringing those titles to a 4K resolution. The Series S however will not be able to take advantage of these enhancements due to the lack of its 4K nativity. However, that does not mean that there will not be any improvement from playing older titles on the Series S. In an article from Gamespew, Microsoft confirms that the Series S will give previous generation games “… improved texture filtering, higher and more consistent frame rates, faster load times, and Auto HDR.”

Microsoft explains “Xbox Series S was designed to be the most affordable next-generation console and play next-generation games at 1440P at 60fps. To deliver the highest quality backwards compatible experience consistent with the developer’s original intent, the Xbox Series S runs the Xbox One S version of backward compatible games…” This makes complete sense honestly. The Series S is not a 4K console so it will not get the 4K enhancements. Even so, there will be upgrades for Series S owners and adopters of the console likely do not have the ability to play games at 4K in the first place. While the Series S is an attractive console with its $299 price tag, if you want to experience your games in 4K, the Series X is the way you have to go.

Pre-orders for the Xbox Series X and Series S go up on September 22. Check out our pre-order page to help prepare you for when each console is available for purchase.

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