Xbox Series X Release Date and Price Reportedly Revealed

According to a new report from Windows Central, the Xbox Series X will release on November 10 at $499, with the Series S launching the same day for $299.

Between leaks and rumors about the Xbox Series X’s release date and the latest leaks of the Xbox Series S design, Microsoft needs a plumber. The past few weeks have been riddled with various leaks and rumors about both of their upcoming consoles, including price points and release dates. Set to launch against Sony’s PlayStation 5, the tech giant needs to start making a case for themselves and their consoles, and all things considered, they’re off to a decent start.

Following a report from Brad Sams at Thurrott that featured the Xbox Series S design and price, more and more info is leaking about the upcoming Xbox consoles. Windows Central reports that the Series S and Series X will cost $299 and $499 respectively, with both set to launch on November 10. For those who might not be able to pay the full price of either console right at launch, Microsoft will also offer a payment plan through their Xbox All Access financing plan, that will allow consumers to pay $25 per month for the Series S and $35 per month for the Series X.

The report also states that the Series S is likely to feature a 1080p output, an NVME drive, and “many of the newer ‘next-gen’ features” that have been promised for the Series X and PlayStation 5.

A few months ago, Phil Spencer said that he and his team at Microsoft would remain flexible on the price for the device, making it seem like they would wait for Sony to reveal the PS5’s price first in the hopes that they would be able to undercut them with a cheaper console. But now, with both consoles’ prices out in the open, it’ll be interesting to see how Sony responds, especially since they also have two separate devices. If these prices are to believed, Sony might find it difficult to retaliate, especially since neither PS5 model will be able to rival the Series S in price.

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