Xbox Throws Shade at PS5’s Pre-Order Nightmare in Cheeky Manner

Xbox was able to take a subtle dig at PlayStation in a pretty strange way following the latter’s kerfuffle with PS5 pre-orders.

No matter what your feelings are on PlayStation and Sony, it’s hard to deny that the launch of pre-orders for the PS5 was anything but a disaster. While retailers like Walmart likely caused the pre-order-palooza to kick-off last night by making PS5’s available for purchase ahead of their actual start time, Sony’s overall messaging in the moment was virtually nonexistent.

As such, PlayStation’s biggest competitor in Xbox took to Twitter to poke some fun at its opponent in a pretty sly manner. While at face value, Xbox’s tweet, which can be found below, doesn’t seem to be too harsh, it was the timing and overall tone in which the message was put up that it became apparent that the green brand was taking a subtle dig at PlayStation. By simply laying all of their information out in a clear, orderly fashion, Xbox was able to show up its competitor, which honestly failed to accomplish such a simple task.

In the time since posting this message, Xbox has gone on to verify that pre-orders for both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will occur next week on September 22 with purchasing options going live at retail stores beginning at 11:00am EDT/8:00am PDT. Whether or not the purchasing options for Microsoft’s next-gen SKUs will cause as much of a headache as the PS5 did remains to be seen, but Microsoft and its retail partners at the very least look to have a firm plan in place.

As far as the PS5 goes, Sony says it will have more units available this time around compared to when it released the PS4 in 2013. As such, pre-order restocks coming about before the console launches in November seem likely, but I also wouldn’t get my hopes up too much just yet.

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