Alyx Mod Brings the Combine to Bioshock’s Rapture

Return to Rapture combines the worlds of Half Life: Alyx and Bioshock for one trippy, scary ride down the bathysphere

It’s certainly not a crossover anyone was asking for, but nobody’s going to be upset about it either. A modder has brought the world of Half-Life: Alyx somewhere under the sea, combining the worlds of Half-Life and Bioshock in one strange story.

The mod, titled Return to Rapture by wim.buytaert.1988, places Alyx in a bathysphere destined for Andrew Ryan’s city. This isn’t some aesthetic mod either, there is a full-on story, working vita chambers, audio logs and even the totally not annoying or nightmare-inducing circus of value vending machines.

In Return to Rapture, the Combine discover the underwater dystopia after its fall to ruin and the powerful plasmids it hides. Alyx has to head down there and prevent the invaders from getting their hands on plasmids like target dummy and sonic boom, you know, the really deadly ones. Sadly, players won’t be able to use plasmids themselves, but no worries, Alyx still has her gravity gloves and plenty of firepower to take out any Combine trying to get their hands on Rapture’s sunken treasure.

While this recreation of Rapture isn’t perfect, it certainly captures the overall vibe of the underwater city. Its tight, dimly lit corridors are suffocating, and the general state of Alyx’s surroundings is pretty bad.

This isn’t the first time modders have brought other game worlds into the realm of Half-Life. Another mod on the Steam Workshop introduces Alyx to the terrifying corridors of PT, the demo for Hideo Kojima’s doomed Silent Hill game.

Either way, Return to Rapture is a fantastic demonstration of what’s possible when modders are given the right tools and the right platform. It also shows just how badly we need a Bioshock VR title. Just imagine it – you could plasmids off at Big Daddies as if you were right there. I didn’t buy VR for Half Life, but I might consider it for Bioshock.