Cyberpunk 2077 Developers Receiving Threats From “Fans” Over Recent Delay

Find another way to deal with your frustration. Sheez.

Again, what is wrong with you? [Insert “Reggie ‘What Is Wrong With You?’ GIF]. Well okay, not you specifically I imagine, but those who become increasingly volatile toward video game studios because they’re not getting their digital entertainment. We’re once again seeing players sending threatening messages to developers, this time to those at CD Projekt Red for the delay of Cyberpunk 2077.

In case you missed it, Cyberpunk 2077 was announced to have gone gold this month, meaning it should have been theoretically ready for launch. However, due to issues with getting the game running smoothly on current generation platforms, it was announced that the game would be delayed for 21 days. Unfortunate for sure, especially for those who booked time off work to play the game when it launched, but also entirely understandable.

However, some people have been sending threats to developers behind the game, one being Andrzej Zawadzki, Senior Game Designer for Cyberpunk 2077 who shared on Twitter: “I understand you’re feeling angry, disappointed and want to voice your opinion about it.” he says, “However, sending death threats to the developers is absolutely unacceptable and just wrong. We are people, just like you.”

He shared a tweet showing an example of some grammatically bad messages he’s been receiving, the following being from one person. “I know where you live bro release the game or your finished,” “Release Cyberpunk or you and your family will be persecuted,” “I will burn you alive if you don’t release the game”.

This is obviously not acceptable. People may try to knock these down as people probably trolling and not meaning what they say, but the fact of the matter is these sorts of messages can have an awful impact on someone’s mental health. Especially when there’s that underlying chance that someone may actually act on those words. Don’t do it. Just don’t.

Andrzej does share that he has received many positive messages from people and I’ve seen a lot of people who are sad about the delay but are also understanding about it.

These sorts of messages have been around for a while obviously, but it’s appearing as if more entitled “fans” are coming out with no idea how to rationally express their frustration. Threatening to murder someone is not the way to do that. Earlier this year, Neil Druckmann and developers at Naughty Dog saw similar harassment over The Last of Us Part 2 because people took a video game far too seriously. We’ve also seen “fans” recently do the same to Insomniac Games developers because they changed Peter Parker’s character model.

Cyberpunk 2077 is now slated to be launching on December 10 should it not face another delay. It’ll be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X /S, and Stadia.

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