Demon’s Souls New PS5 Gameplay is Here and It Continues to Look Immaculate

If you’re picking up a PS5 on day one but also aren’t snagging Demon’s Souls, then what’s wrong with you?

I have found myself getting very, very excited for the PS5 as we get closer to the console’s release, and I’m not really sure why. I mean, it’s of course always nice to pick up a new piece of tech, but on paper, I don’t think that the system’s launch lineup is anything to write home about. Well, PlayStation released a new trailer for Bluepoint’s remake of Demon’s Souls this morning that shows off a ton of new gameplay and I have now been reminded of why I am so hotly anticipating the next-gen machine.

Demon’s Souls’ new gameplay video is the second one that has been released in the lead-up to launch, with today’s latest trailer boasting over five minutes of footage. This time around, the video opts to highlight some of the more iconic boss fights that those who have played Demon’s Souls are likely more familiar with. Two bouts against both the Armor Spider and Flamelurker have been shown off, with each battle having very different results.

I think the thing that I continue to be the most astounded by in all of these new PS5 gameplay videos that have started to come about is related to the lighting. The shadows and reflections that you can see in the environment in this Demon’s Souls gameplay footage from today is unlike anything that we have seen on consoles up to this point. While the game also looks as though it runs at a buttery smooth frame rate as well, I just continue to be entranced by the overall visuals more than anything else.

You can check out the full new gameplay video for Demon’s Souls attached below. The latest Soulslike is set to launch alongside the PS5 two weeks from today and will release on November 12.

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