Demon’s Souls Score Will Improve Upon the Original

While the original score for Demon’s Souls was already solid, it couldn’t possibly be hurt by the addition of a massive church organ

The Souls series is known for a few things. Exceptional difficulty, fashionable armor and of course, a killer score to go along with killer bosses are all staples of Souls games. For the remake of Demon’s Souls, the first, and often forgotten, entry into the franchise, score producer Peter Scatturo already had a soundtrack to work off of. His challenge then was to stay true to that original score while reimagining it in a modern way.

Highlighted in a new video from PlayStation, it seems that Scatturo has been given everything necessary to fulfill that vision. Bill Hemstapat, a music arranger working on the score for Demon’s Souls, began the process of modernizing the game’s soundtrack with its melodies. “Most of the time what stays is the melody, the themes.”

However, the music of the Souls series has always been tied to the character it plays for, and not just in their appearance, but also their backstory. That’s why the lore of Demon’s Souls has also been taken into consideration during this process, so the music continues to represent the grand scale of the game’s gothic enemies while also portraying their often somber backstories.

That being said, the game’s score will also have some new influences. Orchestrator Jim Fowler cites Bloodborne as a major influence on the project, at least in terms of the “scale of the sound.” Everything in Demon’s Souls sounds big; there are massive choruses and sweeping sections of brass and string instruments.

All those parts will give way to the centerpiece of the game’s soundtrack, the massive pipe organ located in London’s Temple Church, which just sounds perfect for Demon’s Souls. The idea of something as old and religious as a massive church organ being brought into the score of a Souls game just makes way too much sense.

Demon’s Souls is due to release on the same day as the PS5, November 12.

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