DualShockers Discussion — What Video Games Scared Us the Most?

With Halloween almost here, which video games have filled us with the most fright? Find out from the DualShockers staff in our discussion.

Halloween is right around the corner, and naturally, this is the best time to cozy up to a terrifying horror game experience to celebrate the holiday with. From Resident Evil to Silent Hill, to more recent indie hits like Among Us and Phasmophobia, there are more than enough horror video games out there worth playing (including some niche picks), with the DualShockers staff sharing a few of their favorites.

The DualShockers staff gathered around the fire–aka Discord–with Halloween coming up to discuss the best times that we’ve ever been scared in a video game. The dogs from Resident Evil? Terrifying. Being pursued by Lisa in P.T.? Horrific? Drowning in Tomb Raider? Somehow still just as terrifying as the rest.

For our latest DualShockers Discussion video, we have our own Logan Moore (Managing Editor), Ryan Meitzler (Features Editor), Mario Rivera (Video Manager), Peter Hunt Szpytek (Video Editor), and Michael Ruiz (Contributor) talking about all things horror games to find out which games did, in fact, scare us the most. 

You can check out the full video below:

Let us know in the comments (on YouTube or here) which horror games scared you as well. Were you too afraid to play games like Outlast or Blair Witch? Planning to play any recent horror titles like Amnesia: Rebirth or The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope? Feel free to give us a shout for what scary games that you’re planning to play this Halloween, or if there are any old favorites that you’re planning to play for the first time.

With Halloween coming tomorrow, we have plenty more tricks and treats coming up on DualShockers for the holiday. You can sound off in our Insta-Forum on horror games, or you can also check out our terrifying (and hilarious) Let’s Plays of Among Us and Dead by Daylight.

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