FIFA 21 Digital Sales Surpass Physical for the First Time in the UK

FIFA 21 digital sales are up by 31% over last year in the UK, which means digital sales have outpaced physical for the first time on consoles.

FIFA 21 players will remember that earlier this week, news came out that the game’s physical sales were down by 42% in the UK from last year. On the surface, that seemed to spell bad news for one of EA’s biggest cash cows. Sure, it was still firmly atop the UK sales chart; however, that big of a decrease still has to be a little startling. Of course, those numbers were without taking into account digital sales. Thanks to, we now have that information, and it’s much rosier for EA Sports.

According to the latest reports, digital sales for FIFA 21 in the UK are up by 31% over last year. That’s a sizeable spike that also means, for the first time ever on consoles, digital sales are higher than physical for FIFA. And, considering everything going on, it makes a ton of sense.

On the one hand, you have COVID-19 keeping many FIFA players stuck at home, not wanting to risk the virus to go pick up their yearly football game. Just that on its own is probably enough to boost digital sales a ton this year.

That said, it’s also worth considering that we could see an uptick in physical sales once the new consoles launch next month. Obviously, most of the hardcore FIFA 21 community is taking advantage of EA’s Dual Entitlement system, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear more casual players are waiting. Either way, the sticker shock of seeing physical sales down so much isn’t really that surprising once you dig a little deeper.

FIFA 21 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. There’s tons of stuff happening in both Ultimate Team and elsewhere, making now a great time to hop in regardless of the modes you play.

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