FIFA 21 Goes Outside the Box With New Rulebreakers Promo

FIFA 21 has a new promo in FUT called Rulebreakers and it’s full of completely transformed players from all over the world.

In recent years, FIFA 21 has used the Halloween season to run their Halloween scream promo in Ultimate Team. However, this year the team at EA is changing things up in big ways with their new Rulebreakers promo. This year, the team has implemented a new stat upgrading system, which lets them play around with players in fun new ways. They’ve fully taken advantage of that system with Rulebreakers. Some of the game’s best players have been transformed and will allow you to fill new holes in your squad. Check out the first team below.

As we’ve come to expect in FIFA 21, the top tier players from Rulebreakers mostly come from the Premier League. However, while that’s a little less exciting, it’s awesome to finally get a meta, Harry Kane. He’s one of the best strikers in the world but has always been lost in the FIFA meta due to his lower-end pace. Now, he’s a devastating player that will make England proud.

Sticking with the EPL, fans can also pick up an 88-rated Aymeric Laporte. Like Kane, Laporte has received a massive pace increase while taking a slight decrease to his defending. Fortunately for those of us who don’t run a Prem team, every other player in the squad comes from another league.

The other three big-ticket players are Douglas Costa from the Bundesliga and Dries Mertens and Radja Nainggolan from the Italian Serie A. Costa gets a massive boost to his shooting, which is a year too late to stop the memes. Mertens, on the other hand, lost a bit of his dribbling, while getting his shooting boosted. And Nainggolan is yet another player with a new injection of pace at the expense of most of his defending.

Manuel Lazzari rounds out the Serie A piece of the squad. His shooting has gone up by a whopping 21 points, which is just unreal. Meanwhile, La Liga fans can look to pick up either Lucas Ocampos or Marcos Llorente. Llorente, in particular, is probably going to be pretty popular.

Rounding out the squad are the Eredivisie’s Denzel Dumfries and Ligue 1’s Benjamin Andre and Hassane Kamara. But the fun’s not over. In objectives, players can earn an absolutely disgusting version of the Bundesliga’s Nordi Mukiele. Expect to see him in a French hybrid squad near you very soon.

However, the most interesting player in the whole promo so far is Inaki Williams. He’s in SBCs, but it’s a little different than usual. Your reward for completing is a player pick between two different versions of Williams. One boosts his dribbling, while the other sees his shooting jump up. It’s a very interesting addition that I hope EA continues to explore throughout the year.

FIFA 21 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Rulebreakers team one is in packs now.