Former Blizzard Devs Form Frost Giant Studios With a Focus on RTS Titles

Frost Giant Studios is the latest company built by former Blizzard developers. The studio will focus on making new real-time strategy games.

We’ve been seeing several former Blizzard devs putting together different studios after the last few years. Of course, most of those new studios have yet to produce a game. However, it’s nice to see the Blizzard old guard staying with video games and potentially building something great without the influence of Activision. Today, Tim Morten and Tim Campbell announced their new company Frost Giant Studios, which is set to focus on making the next great RTS game.

Of course, for those in the scene, this announcement isn’t too surprising. Morten was the Production Director for StarCraft II and Comand & Conquer General 2. And Campbell was the Lead Campaign Designer for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. These two have real-time strategy flowing through their blood. They’ve added to their ranks with several other former Blizzard devs, mostly picking people who helped Morten on Starcraft II.

While the two Tims don’t quite have the name recognition of some of the other studios that have been formed by former Blizzard employees, they do some solid backing to start off. revealed in their writeup that the studio raised $4.7 million in seed funding from various investors. Hopefully, they can use that money to create the start of something exceptional.

Between Frost Giant Studios, Mike Morhaime’s Dreamhaven, and Rob Pardo’s Bonfire Studios it’ll be interesting to see which studio gets a game out first. Obviously, Bonfire got an early start as a studio, but it’s been four years without a real announcement. Here’s hoping something comes out of one of these studios relatively soon.