Godzilla is Stomping His Way Into Fall Guys With a New Skin

The King of Kaijus, Godzilla, is heading to Fall Guys, so now you have an excuse to behave monstrously

This may be Fall Guys‘ biggest collaboration yet. The goofy battle-royale has featured some great cross-over skins recently; Sonic has shown up along with Portal 2‘s Peabody and Pedro from My Friend Pedro. But this is something else, a cross-over on a monstrous scale. The king of monsters, Godzilla, is the next character you’ll be able to dress your bean boy up as in Fall Guys.

Announced in yet another (very spicy) tweet, as all Fall Guys announcements are, Godzilla isn’t looking half as threatening as he does in the movies. Especially not when the blank, doofy face of a Fall Guy is right below his gaping maw. There’s no word yet on how many crowns players will have to earn to dress up as the king kaiju, but for what it’s worth, the tweet says to “start getting your crowns together now.”

For me, there couldn’t be a more fitting character to dress my Fall Guy up as. For those Fall Guys players that believe it’s a peaceful, respectful game, this is your opportunity to be a monster. Grab your fellow competitors right before they jump off a ledge, hold them up at the top of Slime Climb, do whatever monstrous things you can imagine because now you can dress up as one. Let that inner monster rampage.

It’s also fitting that Godzilla is the one added to Fall Guys now: the game recently launched its medieval-themed second season. Now it has a big evil lizard to go along with its new knight and princess costumes and castle-themed maps.