Hideo Kojima and His Team Are Officially Working on a New Project

Hideo Kojima is hiring for his Tokyo studio for a new project.

Hideo Kojima now officially has a brand new game under development and he is looking for talented developers to join his team in Tokyo for a new experience.

Nearly one year after launching Death Stranding on PS4, now it’s been confirmed that Hideo Kojima has started his new adventure in delivering another video game experience with his team at Kojima Productions. They are currently hiring for in some positions for their Tokyo-based studio.

What the new project would be is everyone’s guess right now, but Kojima has spoken about his intentions for creating a horror experience several times before and after Death Stranding. So, my first guess is this one would be something similar to his canceled Silent Hills project at Konami. However, a Death Stranding sequel doesn’t sound out of place, regarding the fact that its sales number was satisfying enough for the studio and publishers.

Earlier today, we got to learn that Death Stranding‘s composer is also working on a new project, but then he clarified that it has nothing to do with Kojima Productions and their project.

After leaving Konami, Hideo Kojima got the chance to create new worlds and bring new IPs to life. His latest attempt, Death Stranding, was a great start point for his independent studio, though it wasn’t treated as warmly as his Metal Gear Solid titles by reviewers. The world that Kojima created in Death Stranding surely has a big potential for both a sequel and a prequel.

The next project from Kojima Productions will likely target next-gen platforms, but it’s yet to be revealed if there would be any exclusivity deals with a platform holder for the new title. In fact, it depends on how much the new game will cost them and whether they can afford it on their own or not.