Humankind New Trailer Reveals April 2021 Release, Stadia Demo

Through the Unity Unite Now Creator Spotlight, Amplitude revealed a new trailer and release date window for Humankind, with a demo out now on Google Stadia.

Sega and Amplitude revealed new details on their upcoming historical turn-based strategy game Humankind, most notably a new release date window: April 2021, on PC, Mac, and Stadia. For those whose hearts have already been conquered by Humankind, preorders have opened for all these platforms. If you still have doubts whether the game is for you or not, Humankind can be tried out right now on Google Stadia, from October 21 to October 28. A new trailer was published as well and can be found further below.

The Stadia demo of Humankind is an OpenDev gameplay scenario, allowing players to play for 100 turns. The demo is free.

Humankind is developed on Unity by Amplitude Studios, and published by Sega. All of these new details come from Unity’s Unite Now Creator Spotlight, focusing on Amplitude. New behind the scenes content was shared as well. First, we have Tim Raulin and Romain de Waubert from Amplitude Studios on the Unity’s Behind the Game podcast, discussing how the community helped shape the game. Next, we still have Tim Raulin, this time presenting  a video tech talk to discuss how the team kept the game running fast while managing the assets required to build an entire empire in Humankind.

Lastly, new screenshots have been shared as well, and can be found further below.

Humankind Release Date Window, Gameplay Trailer

Humankind was first announced at in August 2019 at Gamescom. Another gameplay video focusing on terrain changes was published earlier in 2020.

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