Minecraft Dungeons ‘Spooky Fall’ Event is Now Live

Minecraft Dungeons players are getting a new Haloween event in the form of the ‘Spooky Fall’ event, as well as a new difficulty setting and 20 new levels.

The most recent entry in the expanded Minecraft universe, Minecraft Dungeons, is getting a new limited-time event from today until November 3rd, centered entirely around the spooky theme of the upcoming holiday. The Spooky Fall event features a number of in-game events, modes and challenges for players to try out with the incentive of Halloween-themed gear as a reward. On top of the new limited-time trials and challenges in the game, the developers have also added the Apocalypse Plus mode to the game, which adds a new level of difficulty for ambitious players. The update also adds twenty “increasingly difficult” new levels totally free to all players.

The official Minecraft Dungeons Twitter account shared a new trailer alongside some of the new additions to the game earlier today.

Minecraft Dungeons is also fresh off of a new update that allows players with Game Pass Ultimate to play the game on Android devices on their touch screen without syncing up a controller. Other games to receive this treatment include the likes of Dead Cells, Slay the Spire and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. It’s certainly far from the last update that the game is supposed to receive too; during the recent Minecraft Live, Mojang announced that cross-platform play between all platforms is coming to the approachable dungeon crawler. The Swedish developer also has further plans to add DLC to the game.

It would also stand to reason that the game will be seeing an update for the upcoming Xbox Series S | X, considering that many other games that have come out in the past year are seeing next-gen upgrades.