My Hero Academia Ultra Impact Announced On Mobile For 2021

My Hero Academia Ultra Impact is a free to play gacha game coming to mobile in 2021, with Deku, all the MHA characters and their Quirks.

Bandai Namco, through the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, announced a brand new MHA game, titled My Hero Academia Ultra Impact. (Thanks, @ayofamz).

Shonen Jump magazine explained My Hero Academia Ultra Impact will be a free to play game with micro transactions. Meaning gacha elements. The battle system is turn-based. Moreover, a story mode recreating the most iconic moments from the manga / anime will be included. Many MHA characters and their Quirks will be featured  in the game, each with new exclusive artwork. As usual with these you can bet the highest rarity characters will have the best illustrations.

A Closed Beta Test for MHA Ultra Impact will also be held, with registrations for it happening soon. They will probably open on Monday, October 26.

Note that this is an early leak from Weekly Shonen Jump, some people always get the magazine early. This means MHA Ultra Impact technically wasn’t official announced yet. This is why the official site isn’t accessible yet either. The Twitter account for the game, @heroaca_ui, is locked as well, with nothing in sight.

Boku no Hero Academia Ultra Impact has a pretty big chance of being announced worldwide. Seeing how big MHA is and how pretty much every popular shonen nowadays get  their mobile games localized. We’ll see what will happen on Monday when the magazine is officially released.

Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academia is a manga by Kouhei Horikoshi started in 2014 in Shonen Jump. Viz and Manga Plus are handling the American publication. The manga currently has over 25 volumes, and already had multiple anime adaptations, including movies. A console game series titled My Hero Academia One’s Justice was published by Bandai Namco as well. MHA characters are also in Jump Force.