New Fallout 76 Trailer Offers a First Look at the Brotherhood of Steel in Appalachia

This is the first trailer released for the sixth expansion coming to Fallout 76, Steel Dawn

The Brotherhood of Steel has finally reached Appalachia. A new trailer released by Bethesda today shows Fallout‘s iconic faction moving into the beautiful countryside Fallout 76 players call home in the game’s latest expansion, Steel Dawn.

This is the first trailer released for Steel Dawn, the sixth expansion for Fallout 76. Originally named Fractured Steel, the expansion is set to release this December, despite the “coming soon” at the end of today’s trailer.

While it’s not entirely clear what players will be able to do with the Brotherhood of Steel besides stamp out mutants and trudge around the wasteland in badass armor, the trailer’s description on Youtube does provide some clues. Players can look forward to meeting Brotherhood of Steel Paladin Leila Rahmani and her troops, sent to Appalachia all the way from California. Their goal is to establish a new chapter, a mission that players can either assist the BoS with or thwart. Steel Dawn will also scatter new NPCs throughout the game’s settlements, along with new weapons and armor from the Brotherhood’s vast energy-weapon arsenal.

Besides those tidbits, it’s not entirely clear what interactions players will have with one of Fallout‘s key factions. That being said, players shouldn’t expect anything too revolutionary. This expansion seems explicitly content based – it won’t be changing up any of Fallout 76‘s systems like the Wastelanders expansion did.

Today also just happens to be the day the bombs drop in the Fallout universe, October 23. To celebrate the day the bombs fell, Bethesda has put together a week of excitement that includes free access to Fallout 76. If you want to try the game out, now’s the best time.