New Legend and Map Teased

A new map and a new Legend is on the way for Apex Legends.

Apex Legends saw some details leaked earlier this month that pointed to the arrival of a new playable Legend and also another Halloween event. The Fight or Fright event was confirmed to be heading to the game as of October 22 and will be available to take part in until November 3. But now, Respawn Entertainment has revealed what to expect from Season 7 which drops on November 4.

The seventh season of Apex Legends is titled Ascension and introduces Horizon, a character with a backstory that finds them floating through space on a journey to gather crystals to save the “kingdom”  but ends up being betrayed by some corporate-looking person. Desperate to keep their promise to their child they do all they can to get back to them. The trailer showing off this story is below.

While Horizon’s special skills haven’t yet been revealed, going by the leaks earlier this month, there appears to be a camera and tablet that could point to strategic views of the battlefield. There’s also a heavy mention of gravity on the official page so we could see some manipulation of gravity.

Part of the trailer shows Horizon escaping the clutches of a black hole and winding up on Olympus. This is the new map that players can jump into when the new season takes place. One of the features of the map is a thing called “Trident” which is said to allow the whole squad to travel the map faster.

Clubs will be heading to the game as well, allowing players to build a community and join a club. There are a new Battle Pass and a new Ranked Season being introduced, and in addition, the game will be available for those on Steam. However, if you were expecting to be able to play this on the Nintendo Switch, you’ll be waiting until next year apparently.

Touching on the ranked season, the Olympus map will be in the first split of the rotation with Worlds Edge following shortly after. Respawn says that King’s Canyon won’t be available in ranked for this season but will be returning at a later date. Players can also expect to not see many large changes to the way the system works due to the studio focusing more on getting crossplay working.