Payday 2 Chains Mask Randomly Appears in British Soap ‘Coronation Street’

What is Chains doing in the UK?

Let’s take a step away from reporting about next-generation announcements and whatnot, and instead let’s take a trip over to the UK soap scene. Over here, we have dramas that have been running for decades, Eastenders is probably a popular one that may be at least heard about in the USA. However, there’s another one called Coronation Street, but last nights episode seems to have featured a mask from Payday 2.

Originally, I saw this on Twitter when I woke up, thinking it was just a joke. Turns out, it actually happened. So some backstory: I don’t know what’s going on in Coronation Street, but some blokes found himself resorting to armed robbery and storms a poker game while donning the Chains mask from Payday 2.

It’s quite possible that the props department doesn’t know about the video game series that finds up to 4 players robbing banks and buildings to rake in the money. But then, perhaps they do know about it and thought it’d be a very niche reference for some viewers who may know about it. The very mask is available on the UK Amazon store (Not an affiliate) and features the same vinyl material, the same creepy long smile, the big red nose, and those dashing vertical blue eyebrows. It costs £49.99! Sheez.

You can watch the clip above, although I’m not sure if there may be region restrictions over the US, so I’m also sharing a screenshot below so you can see it featured in the clip that way should the video not work.

The timing of this is incredibly interesting seeing as this month we’ve seen the first screenshot from the upcoming Payday 3 that is due to be launching sometime between 2022 and 2023. I’m not saying that Starbreeze has reached out to a popular British soap and decided to use a mask to promote the game, but it just feels like great timing. I will say, it feels nice to see a mask I recognize just appear in a show randomly like this as opposed to actors throwing a plain balaclava over their head or something.