Sinoalice x Rozen Maiden Collab Event Revealed By Square Enix

Imagine being in 2020 in the middle of a pandemic and still having never watched Rozen Maiden.

On October 20, Square Enix revealed Yoko Taro’s Sinoalice is now getting a collab event with Rozen Maiden by Peach Pit, the classic early 2000s manga and anime series where dolls fight each other in the Alice Game to become the perfect girl. The Rozen Maiden collab event will be starting on October 27. A pretty cool trailer with some Ali-Project was published, showing Shinku, Hinaichigo, Souseiseki, Suiseiseki, Kanaria, and Suigintou. Laplace’s Demon can be spotted as well.

Sinoalice x Rozen Maiden Collab Reveal Trailer

A countdown has started on Twitter, with each day bringing a short voice clip of the Rozen Maiden characters appearing in the Sinoalice collab. The first character featured is Laplace’s Demon:

A twitter campaign is ongoing as well:

The collab was first announced on Twitter, via the Japanese Sinoalice account.

A livestream (YouTube) will be happening on October 26 as well, with Rie Tanaka (Suigintou), Eri Kitamura (Cinderella in Sinoalice), and Kaede Hondo (Ibarahime in Sinoalice). Lastly, Mafia Kajita as the MC as usual.

Kajita wrote on Twitter “it’s been 16 years since I fell in love with Suigintou”. The feeling’s mutual. Rozen Maiden is originally a manga launched in 2002 by Peach-Pit, a duo of female mangaka who are also behind Shugo Chara, DearS, or Zombie-Loan. Rozen Maiden is a must watch if you want to increase your anime culture and discover new things. It’s always worthwhile checking out older anime rather than sticking with currently airing shows.

The previous collab in Sinoalice was Higurashi. Sinoalice is available outside Japan with a Global version but this collab probably won’t launch on it anytime soon.

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