Steve’s Meat Gets the Chop in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update

Steve’s meat is no more.

When Minecraft’s Steve was announced a few weeks ago that he would be joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the news seemed like an odd but funny fit, especially when compared to the other fighters in the game. What was even stranger still was Steve’s victory pose where he pulls out a piece of meat, takes a few bites, and then places it down to his pelvis area making this seemingly innocent pose NSFW and rife for potential innuendos for those with a dirty mind. If you happened to enjoy Steve holding his meat, then I’m afraid that it has now got the chop thanks to a new update.

Yesterday, Nintendo announced a new 9.0.1 update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which has since gone live so fans of the game who have downloaded the recent patch, have discovered that Steve now eats the entire piece of meat and then he’s left holding nothing when the camera zooms in. If you haven’t downloaded the recent update yet or you maybe don’t own the game but still want to see what Steve’s victory pose looks like without his meat in his hands, check out the short video clip below uploaded by Twitter user Plun_Yu. In the clip, you can clearly see Steve has now been forced to choke down his food instead of taking his time and savoring that big stack of beef all because it looked like a penis. RIP Steve’s meat, 2020 – 2020.

Stephen Totilo, Kotaku editor-in-chief, recently interviewed Microsoft’s Phil Spencer and obviously had to ask the question whether he had seen Steve’s meat yet. After a long pause from Phil, he replied “Yeah. Who did that?” before being told it was actually a genuine screenshot for the game, and saying, “I assume that will be fixed.” At least Steve’s naughty victory pose will forever live on as a funny meme.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch, with Minecraft’s Steve being available as DLC for the game’s Fighters Pass.