Super Mario 3D All-Stars Update Will Allow you to Invert Cameras

All three games in the collection will soon have a variety of different camera options.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars has been out for just over a month now. The collection of three of Mario’s and Nintendo’s greatest games hit the Nintendo Switch back in September and, aside from a few minor disappointments, has delighted players. The game was revealed as part of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct at the start of last month alongside the likes of Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury, Super Mario Bros. 35 and Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit.

Now, sharing the news on Twitter, Nintendo has confirmed that Super Mario 3D All-Stars will be getting its first free software update next month. Available from November 17, the update will allow players to invert the controls across all three games within the collection.

In Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy, you will be able to invert the horizontal camera along with both the horizontal and vertical “Mario Cam”. Super Mario Sunshine will have the same options as the other two games in the collection, however, will also allow players to invert both the vertical camera and the vertical FLUDD controls.

This update unsurprisingly has fans on Twitter wanting and believing that more changes may be on their way to the game. Players have once again been asking for Super Mario 64 in a full widescreen mode, as well as predictably Super Mario Galaxy 2 being added to the collection.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars is out now, alongside our review, but will only be available to purchase until March 31 next year. We enjoyed the game, scoring it an 8/10, saying “There’s no denying that a few improvements would have been nice and some more archival footage would make Super Mario 3D All-Stars feel like more of a celebration, but each one of these games is still a masterpiece and that’s what it’s all about.”