Super Rare Games is Releasing a Monster Prom Collector’s Edition

Cherish your high school memories with Monster Prom’s Collectors edition

Super Rare Games, known for its re-releasing of digital-only titles as physical collectible versions, is giving the same treatment to Monster Prom, the supernatural creature competitive dating sim.

Monster Prom is getting two different re-releases from Super Rare Games: a regular physical release and a collector’s edition full of goodies to display on your various shelves or in display cases. The standard edition being released is a physical release of the game for Switch, although the box art is pretty spectacular. Customers can pick up a steel book version of the game separately from the collector’s edition as well. These versions will be retailing at £27 or around $35.

But that’s not what you’re here for. The Monster Prom collector’s edition will run customers £75 or around $97 and comes with a smorgasbord of goodies. Besides a physical release of Monster Prom in its steel book case, picking up this collector’s edition nets customers a full-color 68-page hardcover yearbook and a diploma from Monster High. If scholasticism isn’t your thing, this limited edition also comes with a collector’s pin, 10 polaroids of the game’s cast, two packs of collectible trading cards, a fake monster’s driver’s license and of course a badass temporary tattoo.

Both versions of Monster Prom being released by Super Rare Games will be available to purchase on October 29 at 6 PM GMT, 1 PM EST or 10 AM PST.

If you need more competitive monster dating action, developer Beautiful Glitch recently released Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp. The game is usually priced at $11.99 but is 10 percent off until October 30. You can check out the game’s Steam page here.