The Medium Developers Show Off Their Dual Reality System

The Medium gets a trailer showing off Bloober Team’s new Dual Reality system in action. Players will have to deal with two realms to escape this horror.

The Medium is an upcoming horror game from Bloober Team that has you playing as a medium named Marianne who can travel between the real world and the spirit realm. The game comes to PC and Xbox Series X this December and looks like it’s shaping up great. One of the coolest features is the ability to play as Marianne in both worlds at the same time. The real world and the spirit realm are both on-screen at once. It sounded a bit trippy when they first explained it. Thankfully,  Bloober Team gave us a better look at the system in action today. Check it out below.

Essentially, The Medium asks you to control Marianne in two places at once. It reminds me a bit of something like Brothers, where you have to keep track of two characters as you move through the environment. However, unlike Brothers, The Medium only asks you to use one joystick. So, instead of each character being mapped to one thumb, you have two characters mapped to different dimensions.

This is going to lead to situations where you’re using your powers in one area to open up new possibilities in the other. The video also showed what looked like a dynamic split-screen between the two worlds. Potentially, this means when you need to focus on one realm, that side of the screen will get bigger. From the footage, I can’t tell if this happens when the game thinks it should or if you have control. Either way, it’s a nifty addition to the system.

The Medium continues to look like another excellent horror game from Bloober Team. They’ve proven to be masters of the genre, so I’m very excited to play this game when it launches for PC and Xbox Series X on December 10.