Tom Holland Shares the First Image of Himself as Nathan Drake

Tom Holland definitely looks the part for the upcoming Uncharted film.

It’s no secret that video game movies are usually giant piles of garbage with few exceptions, and if the upcoming Monster Hunter movie turns out to be as bad as the trailer, it seems like that trend is going to stay. However, the new image of Tom Holland as Nathan Drake tell us that even if the Uncharted movie is bad, at least he’ll look pretty good.

In a post to his official Instagram account, Tom Holland released a photo of himself in full Nathan Drake get up and he actually looks really good. Before seeing these pictures, it was hard to visualize Holland as Drake after seeing him so often as a wide-eyed teenage Spider-man, but now that he’s been “grizzled up,” it’s easy to see him as the suave, smart-aleck treasure hunter we’ve all come to love.

Today was a big day for Uncharted set photos, as Nathan Drake voice actor Nolan North also posted some to his Instagram. The three photos that North posted show that a lot of care and passion are going into the movie and the pictures of an ancient relic sitting in a tomb and of a history book featuring Sir Francis Drake definitely give off the proper Uncharted vibes.

A lot seems to be going right for the Unchated movie, but that could be said about many video game movie adaptations before they’re released. Hopefully, director Ruben Fleischer has figured something out that many game movie directors have not. At the very least, if the movie’s bad, we can always all just rewatch the Nathan Fillion fan film for as long as it lives on YouTube.

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