Ubisoft Is Rebranding UPLAY+, Renaming It Ubisoft+

Ubisoft is re-working their streaming-centric service, UPLAY+ and renaming it as Ubisoft+. The service goes live on November 10 in Beta as part of Amazon’s upcoming streaming service, Amazon Luna.

At E3 last year, Ubisoft announced that they would be throwing their hat into the subscription service ring to join the likes of EA Play, PS Now and Xbox Game Pass with their subscription service, UPLAY+, offering subscribers across multiple platforms access to legacy Ubisoft content. Now, a year and some change following the service’s launch, Ubisoft is re-branding and re-launching their answer to the gaming subscription service.

A couple of weeks ago when Amazon announced Amazon Luna, their subscription-based streaming service, they used Ubisoft as a specific example of one of the channels for players to subscribe to, and now we know why. Announced via Ubisoft’s blog, the service, now called Ubisoft+, will be launching in beta on Amazon’s streaming service first on November 10 alongside its release on PC, with a launch on Google Stadia to come at a later date.

While the French publisher and developer has provided a new and updated URL for their service’s re-launch, the URL still redirects to the UPLAY+ website, rather than Ubisoft+.

The announcement that Ubisoft+ would favor streaming services like Stadia and Luna is no surprise, as Ubisoft is generally one of the first publishers to jump in on new platforms and hardware. Last week, they even launched an exclusive demo for their upcoming game, Immortals: Fenyx Rising on Google Stadia.

While this news of Ubisoft seemingly doubling down on streaming bodes well for the future of the medium, don’t forget that 2020 has been a year of reckoning across the games industry for a variety of reasons, but no example has been as extreme and alarming as that of Ubisoft’s internal struggle. While the initial story of mass abuse broke back in the summer, the story has seemingly been ever-evolving as more and more Ubisoft employees, like Beyond Good and Evil 2 director, Michel Ancel, leave the company for mysterious reasons. As the worldwide publisher continues to push through the controversy with faux transparency, ignoring the ongoing situation at every opportunity in their marketing beats, don’t let the flashing lights and novelty distract from the malpractice.