Where Cards Fall Comes to Nintendo Switch and PC Next Year

Where Cards Fall is The Game Band’s 2019 Apple Arcade exclusive. After more than a year on the service, the game is set to come to Nintendo Switch and PC.

Where Cards Fall is a game from the creators of Blaseball that came out exclusively on Apple Arcade in 2019. However, after just past a year, the team at The Game Band announced that they’re finally bringing the game to other systems. The game is a story-based puzzle game that sees you building a house of cards to learn more about its coming-of-age tale. It doesn’t have a firm release date yet, but we know it’s coming next year. Give the new announcement trailer a watch below.

Given how much Blaseball took the world by storm, I’m excited to try this out. Obviously, it’s a very different game; however, I’m fairly confident that anyone that can make Blaseball knows how to make a great game. Plus, Where Cards Fall has solid reviews and picked up several mobile game awards last year. So, I’ll definitely be giving this a look when it does release.

As an Android user, it’s awesome to see more and more games freed from Apple Arcade’s exclusivity. Of course, many of the games wouldn’t get made without it. So, this isn’t me wishing it didn’t exist. That said, bringing the game to a wider audience after a period of exclusivity always seems to be a good thing. Hopefully, The Game Band sees a solid uptick in sales once it does launch.

Where Cards Fall is available now on Apple Arcade. The game is set to come to Nintendo Switch and PC sometime in 2021. We’ll have a release date for you as soon as they announce it.