Xbox is Officially Giving Away a Series X Fridge

“Power your memes.”

Don’t let your memes be dreams, as they say (actually I just made that up, I think), and the team at Xbox has definitely been living by that mantra in recent days. After revealing last week that a full-size Xbox Series X refrigerator was a real thing that was actually decided to be manufactured, Xbox has now announced that you, yes, you, can win one of these crazy products for yourself.

Xbox announced a giveaway today where one lucky winner will receive an official Xbox Series X fridge. The giveaway has started today and lasts next week until November 4. Entering is pretty simple and requires that those who want to win the grand prize just follow the @Xbox Twitter account and retweet the tweet attached below along with the hashtag #XSXFridgeSweeps. You can read the full list of rules here.

Honestly, this is a pretty goofy promotion for Xbox to run, but it’s a welcome one nonetheless. The entire social team and marketing wing of Xbox has actually been killing it in recent months, and this is just another feather in their cap if you ask me. Fingers crossed that I can actually win this bad boy.

To see more of the actual fridge in action (which honestly seems to be of a very high quality) you can check out the video below. As for the actual Xbox Series X, it’s due out on November 10.

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