XIII New Trailer Shows Off Some of the Weapons and Gadgets

XIII Remake will feature a whole lot of classic weapons.

Microids has recently shared a brand new trailer from the remade version of XIII, detailing some of the iconic guns and gadgets you will get to use against your enemies in the game.

Shotguns, pistols, assault rifles, melee weapons, and some other ranged gadgets are all you are going to hear about in the latest trailer of XIII. Microids will bring you a varied arsenal of weapons to wipe out anyone who stands in your way. From 9 mm pistols to crossbows, and from double barrel hunting shotguns to automatic guns like M16, all will be at your service in an action-packed journey. Aside from weapons, there will also be some gadgets like grappling hooks, lock picks, and spying micros.

XIII was originally launched back in 2003 for PS2, Xbox, and PC. The game was heavily inspired by a Belgian graphic novel called XIII. When it published by Ubisoft at the time, it received mostly favorable reviews and turned into a memorable experience for many gamers of the era.

Now, nearly 17 years after its original launch, Microids is supposed to release a fully remade version of the game with enhanced graphics for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 10th. The Switch version has apparently been delayed to a later date as it doesn’t appear at the end of the new trailer. It’s yet to be seen whether the game will target next-gen consoles.

The game is still loyal to its comic-style visuals, however, it now features high-quality and high-resolution textures in order to make it a proper experience for those who are going to play XIII for the first time ever.