Demon’s Souls Has Over 180 Game Help Videos for PS5 PS+ Subscribers

That’s a lot of Game Help videos.

Earlier this year Bluepoint Games finally revealed that Demon’s Souls would be launching on PS5, and last week we saw some new gameplay footage of the game running on the next-generation PlayStation. It’s been revealed that the game will feature help videos that will be available to view through one of the console’s new features.

When the PS5 UI experience was showcased last month, we got to see a range of new features. One of those was Game Help. Game Help is a feature available only to those subscribed to PS+ and will allow players to watch a bunch of developer-made videos that aim to act as guides on how to complete a specific section. Demon’s Souls will apparently feature over 180 of those videos.

That’s according to an interview from The Washington Post which features Gavin Moore, creative director of Demon’s Souls. It’s said that the game will have “increasing levels of visibility into what’s needed to complete portions of the game, available via the interface.”

Gaming Bolt reported last month that the game does not have any difficulty options, with Moore saying, “There are no difficulty options in Demon’s Souls, and there shouldn’t be,”. However, the game will feature accessibility features as mentioned by Axel Nicolás Bosso, Editor at Into The Spine who also spoke to Moore, and tweeted, “It looks like all the “next-gen” features of the DualSense can be turned off or changed to suit your taste.” He adds, “Also, you will be able to change from which side you hear the audio, customize some UI options, adjust motion blur and camera shake, among other accessibility options.”

Demon’s Souls is said to be a PS5 exclusive with no plans to launch on PC or other platforms. It should be launching alongside the console on November 12, 2020.

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